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Currency? Backed by fucking what? There are semblances of it ever since the Landlords took control of factories. Bullets from them are like trickled down gold. Nonetheless, it’s still hearkening back to what we’ve completely lost. Keeping up appearances in these times is asinine.

Social credit’s back since all we really got is our word that we’ll repay at one point. If your word is shit, however, expect fists to your face in the foreseeable future.


Here, items in demand have tiers of scarcity: common -> valuable -> rare. These are more guidelines to understand what the average Juan expects to get from these items.


Item Scarcity Remarks
Butterfly Knife common concealable
Throwing Knife common concealable
Hunting Knife common
Machete common


Item Scarcity Remarks
Pistol common 12 shots
Revolver common 8 shots
Double-barrel shotgun common 2 shots, +2 to damage at short range
Combat shotgun valuable 8 shots, +2 to damage at short range
Sub-machine Gun common 30 shots, automatic
Assault Rifle valuable 30 shots, automatic
Hunting Rifle common 10 shots, stripper clip reloads
Designated Marksman Rifle valuable 15 shots
Anti-Materiel Rifle rare 10 shots, ignores armor, +3 to damage
Grenade Launcher rare 1 shot, +2 to damage, 6m radius
Military Grenade Launcher rare 6 shots, +2 to damage, 6m radius

Grenade launchers have a radial effect upon impact. They affect all within range of the explosion and shrapnel.


Split ammo types into two categories: 1st World and 2nd World. Guns that use one don’t use the other without modifications and spare parts.

References to slots refer to those in inventory.

Item Scarcity Remarks
Pistol ammo (1st World) common 6 magazines, 4 for SMGs, one slot
Pistol ammo (2nd World) valuable 6 magazines, 4 for SMGs, one slot
Revolver ammo common 24 rounds, one slot
Buckshot common 18 rounds, one slot
Slugs common 18 rounds, one slot
Rifle Ammo (1st World) valuable 3 AR magazines, 6 for DMR, 8 stripper clips, one slot
Rifle Ammo (2nd World) valuable 3 AR magazines, 6 for DMR, 8 stripper clips, one slot
40mm Grenades rare 4 shots, one slot
.50 BMG valuable 2 magazines, one slot

Worn Equipment

Item Scarcity Remarks
Ballistic Vest common +4 quick slots
Ceramic Plates valuable stops 3 bullets or 1 fragmentation grenade, 1 slot
Stab Vest valuable stops 4 attacks, rarely compatible with ceramic plates
Carryall common +8 inventory slots
Digital Watch Common
Analog Quartz Watch Valuable
Mechanical Watch Rare
Gas Mask Common protects against tear gas and certain chemical attacks

Devices and Gear

Item Scarcity Remarks
Flashlight common
Geiger Counter valuable
Handheld Radio common
Magnetic Compass common
Mechanical Tool Kit common
Metal Detector common
Night-Vision Goggles rare sees in low light
Flint Kit valuable
Shooting Ear Protection common partially protects against Flashbangs
Sleeping Bags common 2 slots
First Aid Kit common
Doctor’s Bag rare

Grenade Types

Item Scarcity Remarks
Flashbang rare 4 pcs, 1 slot, no damage, short range
Fragmentation valuable 3 pcs, 1 slot, +2 damage, short range
High Explosive rare ignores armor, 3 pcs, 1 slot, +2 damage, short range +2m
Smoke common 3 pcs, 1 slot, no damage, short range
Molotov common 2 pcs, 1 slot, 6m radius
Rubber common 40mm grenade type only, never thrown, potentially lethal if it hits an unarmored torso or head
Tear Gas rare 3 pcs, 1 slot, no damage, short range

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