Ten Haily Marys in the Dark

Ten Hail Marys in the Dark

This Is

It’s an adventure originally by Roz Leahy. You can find it in the Violence Jam (2022). I could really feel the wretched parallels between the setting of their work, Ireland, and my home country.

The Church is a bit of a mixed bag here in that they’ve been both a source of humanity and abetted in depravity. Even with the separation of Church and State, power corrupts both. So, I wrote an adventure about it in a setting akin to Twilight 2000.

I also didn’t have the patience to make a full PDF for something that I’m offering for practically free as a Pay What You Want work on itch.

Its Status

I haven’t earned a single penny since uploading it. That’s honestly what I expected as an unkown quantity in the scene. That’s honestly fine with me since I just wanted Roz’s ideas to propagate. They deserved that and so much more.

Why Again?

I don’t like finagling with PDFs as someone with out a tablet Sure, they’re pretty and can easily transition to print. Does my third world self have the funds to do a massive print run for this unedited work? No. Therefore, until someone offers (or until I pitch), a pdf won’t really surface anytime soon.

I just like creating things and this was a good exercise. I even made sure that the itch.io page was really pretty and to my liking. I hope to make more things like this and distribute them in a similar model as well. I hope we can make more good things without adhering to the dogma of PDFs or bust.

I would like web versions of things I find unreadable as a PDF on a screen. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.