ATTENTION: Relaunch of Smells Fishy, Jack!

The cover of Smells Fishy, Jack! a zany post-apocalyptic adventure

I’ve decided to heavily edit my original blog post adventure into something better on! I didn’t really like the quality presented in the original blog post so I removed it and made everything better (in my opinion). Chao made excellent cover art as always for the adventure. I wanted something inspired by those old sci-fi magazines of yore but modernized somewhat. That and my photo manipulation skills are nowhere close to his. I am still fond of the cover though! That won’t ever change.

I am really loving LaTeX for these works. The best part about is that it’s free. The worst part is that the documentation is spotty and relies heavily on experts on StackExchange. Not great and untenable for the future. I’ll share the LaTeX code repos for my works one of these days.

Moreover, I needed to move on from the liberal posting on Ten Hail Marys in the Dark. I’m grateful to Roz for letting me adapt their work. However, it’s now time for me to make original things!

So I made another post-apocalyptic adventure—but more idiosyncratic and less dark! I’m content with the final output. I hope you are too. Hopefully, you’re even happy with the purchase.