Found on the Road! No. 01

On my road to better writing, I find things along the way that pique my interest. This may or may not be adjacent to writing or Tabletop RPGs. Honestly, I realized that I’ve been a tad self-centered on this blog, only making stuff I like and highlighting no one else’s cool works. That changes now.

Older and Cooler

I won’t promise to highlight neat things that have come out only recently. I’ll spread the word about anything awesome that I feel deserves more attention.

Her Heart in a Porcelain Jar

art:Her Heart

I’ve always wanted to talk about this. It reminds me a of a time where low-rise skinny jeans and studded belts were the style of people I chose not to associate with. This adventure is urban fantasy all about scene kids and their foibles. It’s compact and quick to run. I should run this when I find time. Although I’ve been telling myself that for months since I got this.

Regardless, this adventure’s look into unfortunate family dynamics is important. Annette Decanter, the woman who hires the adventurers to find her missing daughter, is in fact one depraved woman. Liberating Joanna Decanter from the clutches of her immortal mother becomes a moral imperative for players with decent values.

Exploitive parents, disaffected youthful peers, and young love despite all that are all interesting motifs. I’d expect nothing less from an adventure written by Evey Lockhart.

Link is in the header. If you want to check out more of Evey’s stuff, you should look at her itch.

Bulletin Board Systems

art:hold fast bbs menu screen

For those aware of the tech, yes, they still exist. For those unaware, this was tech predating the internet. Someone essentially transmitted something like a website operated through a terminal through phone lines to other computers. At one point, it was accessible globally from one computer on the planet to another.

The primary utility of BBS is a form of decentralization away from corporate-controlled social media. Every BBS is an island interconnected through something called Fidonet and a form of Internet Relay Chat. The novelty hasn’t worn off for me. I don’t think it shall. I really love the format. It’s unabashedly personal.

Fortles, Adventure Journal


It’s tangentially related to RPGs in that it’s a setting book of sorts. I like to think of it more as a fun picture book for all ages inspired by Troika’s fort turtle thing. It’s cute and charming.

There’s also social commentary here about hot-blooded youths online fighting against every single instance of a disagreement online. Age then has a mellowing effect where those living on the Fortles learn to live in harmony with one another instead of smelling blood in the water at every turn.

It’s resonant in that I feel a similar phenomenon happening around me, and even in me. Infighting has become rather dull and learning to live with different people from all walks of life seems significantly more appealing. Not everything is an affront to decency except for things that are.

Anyway, get the hard copy from the store page linked in the header above. A PDF is okay, but something with art as charming as this deserves a printed experience.

New and Nice

These are things that have come into being relatively recently—whenever that is. Again, I’ll speak of anything under the sun here.

Against the Grey


I like this one! You are anthropomorphic forest dwellers or travellers defending your homes from a hostile corporation looking to make profits at your expense. I see myself needing to fill in the blanks with my own prep, but not to an unreasonable level. It leaves me with enough to actually run something substantial!

The format it’s in is also interesting: it’s a set of two pamphlets, one for players and the other for referees eyes only. The PDFs are ready for printing too. The political leanings are evident to me, someone once tuned deeply into online spaces. I am of similar political inclinations, although I recognize that this work is a sort of wish fulfillment for me.

Land grabbing is such a common occurrence in my country. Powerlessness is a common feeling. We see our fellows suffering with boots on their necks. There is always an oppressor in these cases and I feel as if there isn’t much I can do besides screaming at the apathetic massive void.

Regardless, I really recommend getting yourself a copy of this dense pamphlet!

Black Manse


It’s gothic, yes! How gothic? It comes with a black ribbon in the printed release! It’s also on a special pre-order discount that you can nab on the link above. Now, seriously, I haven’t had a chance to take a look at the text in particular, but I’ve had experience with Micah’s other works and they’re pretty neat.

I’ve also been keen on running an adventure akin to Tegel Manor and this one should fill that mansion-shaped void. I’d be on the lookout for this one! If international shipping was easier on my wallet, I’d purchase the physical copy for myself.

That’s also a neat cover. I wonder what it would look like if the moon glows in the dark. Oh well, one can only dream.



Stay Tuned

I like analog and retro things. Many of my interests are in need of preservation as art and tech mesh together into a blob. I’m always be on the lookout for interesting things that deserve attention. If you have anything you’d like to share with me, reach out through my email

Thank you and watch out for more things I’ll find on the road!