Wanton Pinoy Spaghetti: Introduction

image of workers in the street from 'A Story From the Philippines (1902)'

A day in the life of early 20th century Philippines


Be the Spaghetti Western anti-heroes of your dreams in the wild times that were 19th Century Spanish Colonial Philippines. Think of the original Django (1966) or the famous The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (1966) but set during the tumultuous era of the Katipuneros, the novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, and Andres Bonifacio! Navigate the tenuous politics of an era either preceding or amidst revolution as wandering heroes.

Imagine an adventure where you’re being paid to smuggle copies of Noli Me Tangere to subversive libraries and book clubs. Aiding Katipunero cells escape Spanish persecution? What about getting hired by Heneral Luna to sabotage American supply routes? You’ll be doing this via the medium of Tabletop RPGs. One player will take on the role of the Game Master (GM) who will generate the world, the flora, the fauna, and the people in it. The rest of those at the table will be the players who each inhabit a single character in the world; they will be the protagonists, for lack of a better word. The succeeding text will help you all achieve the goal of having adventures in a Spaghetti-Westernized Philippines from the 1870s onwards.

The Rules Pages

Basic Character Creation

How to make characters quickly for playing.

Lifepaths Character Creation

Making characters with Lifepaths heavily inspired by Classic Traveller. Very involved and risky, but immensely rewarding.

The Gear

Common items you’ll find during the time. Many of what’s listed are things you’ll need.


Enacting violence in the world with rules ported from Luke Gearing’s Violence!